“In the Name Of…”

Vacillation is another word
for conversation.
In situations
that need more heavy contemplation.
I came to the realization
that with premeditation.
Murder could be committed
without the hesitation.
So it makes me wonder
about those who kill for religion.
Their beliefs cut through reason
like a incision.
In the name of
is what got allot of catz in prison.
Even more turned up missing
shallow graves souls risen.
Walking around the earth
confused about their death.
Remembering In the name of
being their final breath.
Evaluating how they arrived in
searching for rest.
Pondering if its god
and this is one of his tests.
Testing their faith, religious strength,
loyalty and conviction.
Praying they don't have to prove it
by enduring crucifixion.
These are madmen
killing blindly In the name of.
Some innocuous deity
looming in the clouds above.
Scholars say faith is
belief in what you cannot see.
This god of madmen
should free them of insanity.
Killing men and women callously
only shows savagery.
Punishment should be slavery
to their victims for eternity.