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Tyger Vinum will be featured on the new Unsigned Hype MixTape vol. 9 coming August 15th. He is also in regular rotation on net radio stations Artistopia, Pulse rated, and several other stations. Tyger Vinum is also in the Pulse rated top 40 charts, so log onto to www.pulserated.com to vote for Tyger Vinum to be number 1.

Now that I got the PSA out the way... Whats POPPIN my cyber surfing, music loving, internet age download addicts. I've been networking my ass off with producers from Germany to Japan trying to get the tightest beats possible for the rest of the album. During that time I've had a few minor setbacks with recordings cuz one of the main studios I record in is going thru renovations. Other than that I've been chasing success like a wolf after a rabbit.

I was told recently that my creative and colorful correspondences are to complicated for the average reader. I agree that I may use a vast array of vocabulary that some folks may not completely comprehend but I enjoy working words like fat kids luv ice cream. Hell I seen a poll recently that said 95 percent of Americans don't like to read. 15 percent can't read and the 80 percent that can, prefer to watch movies rather than read a book. So if you are reading this blog then you fit in to the 5 percent that does read and if you find my choice of lexicon difficult, grab a fucking dictionary and look up the word.

My single "I Maintain" has been seeing radio success in the UK and parts of the US but has yet to receive massive crossover appeal. I'm pushing to get "I Maintain and Diggin U" on the radio her in Holland but the stations seem to want the commercial appeal of Diggin U instead if the hard hitting lyricism of "I Maintain." The positive thing is the videos for both tracks got mad luv from stations like The Box and TMF (The Music Factory) it's like a ghetto MTV.

The downside to that is there's allot of Politricks in Holland, just like everywhere else. SO although the videos get madd luv, the stations won't put them into regular rotation until I'm in heavy rotation on the radio. The radio has played my tracks but like I said, they're waiting for more commercial tracks like "Diggin U," before giving me everyday rotation.

Now you'll know I ain't no candy-ass, pop music, boy band type nigga. I make real Hip-Hop music that you can feel in your veins like blood thru an artery. I respect people who make tracks just for the masses, but just like my writing I make my music for those who like hard spittin lyricism. I can't ...no I won't dumb my style down for attention deficit, dimwits who rather listen to "Laffy Taffy," than "Paid in Full" by Rakim or "Second Round Knockout" by Canibus. The difference between me and allot of catz in this industry is that I have musical integrity. I refuse to sacrifice the quality of the music I make for a paycheck. We all chasing that gwomp but how many can say they still making music they love and can be proud of after they get it? I'm going to be one of those catz, I know this cuz success is in my destiny. I see it in my future like the full moon and stars on a clear autumn night.

So stay tuned for more updates and go to cdbaby.com to buy my last album International Hustler featuring the singles We Keep it and Mary and I for cheap$$$.

Til later, Be Safe

Tha One an Only

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