Tyger Vinum unleashed in Germany

Hello my friends I'm back again. Running thru Berlin, chasing dividends!

You read it right, I will be in Berlin, Germany from September 19-23rd attending the Popkomm music conference. This will be my first time is Berlin so i'm not sure what to expect. I was in Frankfurt, Germany back around 10 years ago attending the Oktoberfest with some military friends of mines. That was allot of debauchery. Partying and drinking lager or dark beer until you either puked, passed out or woke up in some strange place wondering where the hell you were. I doubt Berlin will be anything like that, plus if it was I don't think people would get much done.

My goal is to connect face to face with some of the contacts I made over the years. Aside from old connects I made allot of new contacts through MySpace. MC's, singers and producers who all say they're doing it big so I want to meet up and see what's poppin. The German market is 70% urban and the country itself is HUGE. Comparatively speaking Germany is like putting the east, west, mid-west and dirty south markets all on one spot. So I'm gonna holla at some folks, maybe check out a few of the hoods in Germany and see which people are serious about music and which are bullshitting.

While i'm on the subject of serious artists here's a update on the Sinister Ambitionz project. I'm about to drop another single of the album just for my Holland fans cuz they give luv so they get luv like that. It's called "Welkom 2 Amsterdam," and its fucking BANANAS! It features Mistrezz the female MC on the track "Club Drama" off my last album International Hustler. It also features the R & B vocalist Chappelle out of the ATL.

Most people come to Amsterdam and think the city is country by itself. When you hear people talk about their travels they say "While I was on vacation I went to France, Spain, Italy and Amsterdam." Matter of fact when I talk to some of my peeps in the states and say i'm in Holland the Netherlands, they ask me "Isn't that where peter pan lived? (No Joke) Allot of people are seriously ignorant to any place outside of their city, state or country.

Anyhow the concept behind the song is to let folks know that Amsterdam is more that women, weed, windmills and wooden shoes. It's a dope city outside of the weed and redlight district. You got all four elements if hip-hop (DJ's, Graf artists, MC's and B-Boys) all around you. That's why so many catz from the US come here for shows and tours. Since those other topic have been played to death in either movies like "Cheech and Chong, Duece Bigalow," ectera or by other artists like Ludicris's "Redlight District" I talk about the actual people culture.

The lyrics are dope, the hook is infectious and catchy, once you hear it it stays in your head for days. I'm not trying to hype it up but this song ain't bananas it's fucking COCONUTS! Once it's released I'll post a snippet on MySpace so you can judge for yourself. In the mean time if you're in Germany holla at'cha boy for a meeting. As for everyone else, stay tuned cuz once I get back I breakdown what I saw in the German scene. 

Til Then, Peace

Tha One an Only



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