Tragedy and Triumph


Life goes back and forth between moments of tragedy and triumph like the swing of a pendulum...here's a few of those experiences.

Tragedy struck last month when a massive tornado went through my hometown Springfield, Massachusetts. Its the first time a tornado hit Mass. with such force that it destroyed large parts of downtown and my mom was caught in it. Her car took allot of damage, but luckily she got away with a few scrapes and cuts. It was strange because I didn’t know anything about it until I saw a clip on World Star Hip-Hop (WSHH). Some guy recorded the tornado touching down with his camera phone and the clip went viral.

While I was finding out about the situation back in the U.S. there was another tragedy going on closer to home. Someone very special to me found out she had type one diabetes. Which means the pancreas stopped processing sugar (glucose) so she has to take insulin injections three times a day. I’m not going to get into all the drama that led up to the discovery that she had the disease. Lets just say, it involved a lengthy hospital stay after which I had to take care of her for a few weeks.

I had sympathy for the life changing event she was experiencing, but angry at the situation. Its mind boggling to think science has found ways to use stem cells to reduce wrinkles and numerous other cosmetic breakthroughs. Yet they can’t find the cure (or won’t release the cure) to Cancer, Diabetes, and Aids. While I was learning about diabetes I came across allot of information that seems like modern science has the cures. The problem is there’s more profit in keeping people sick, using expensive medication than making them better. Think about it...if they cured any of the above listed diseases pharmaceutical companies would lose billions of dollars. They can suppress the symptoms of a disease indefinitely...but only cure it once. (food for thought)

All the stress was poured through my pen and became some very dark music. I wrote several new songs for my upcoming album Tha Audio Bully. One of my favorites is called "Trick or Treat" which I’ll post on Soundcloud and maybe Myspace next week. I also wrote songs for the EP I'm working on with NLZ called Tha A. In between writing for those projects I would write new verses for the "Vinumous Chronicles 16 Barz" weekly video series. I feel a sense of triumph that the series has reached week 13 and gains more fans daily. If you like Hip-Hop, watch an episode here; cuz it's worth watching.

While I’ve been making new music my older music has been promoted through several internet outlets with positive results. My aggressive digital campaign to gain a fan a day has worked better than anticipated. Now that the buzz is building I’m shopping around for more beats for the various projects. I get a lot of people emailing me beats that are okay but not complete or ready to be on a album.

I appreciate the effort BUT before sending me a beat make sure the beat is ready for recording. Don’t send me a beat just because you think the beat is dope. Get critiques from people outside your circle. Also make sure the beat is complete, equalized and polished so it doesn’t need major mixing after the vocals are laid down. If your professional and got beats that fit my style, send me a message and we’ll do some business.

Until next time, be safe

Tha One an Only

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