The Roman Experience

Hello blog fiends to keep this authentic I'm completely wasted and typing this is more laborious than I anticipated.

Anyhow I went to check the Rome club scene again tonight because yesterday was a failed experience since all the clubs were closed. Tonight wasn't much better, since most of the places I went to were closed also. Yesterday the 25th I was directed to attend clubs Distillerie Clandestine, Fake and club Goa because on Friday night they all play hip-hop, mixed with House and dance music. GOA is supposed to have some of the hottest DJ's in Europe and all three were closed! I ended up at some Irish Pub where they directed me to go to club Otteca cuz it was supposed to open and also played Hip-Hop, so I walked 3km from where we were to the club only to find it was closed to.

There I was, lost in a sea of Italians who had no Idea were to direct me and halfway back to the Irish pub I found this Reggae festival in the middle of a park that no one had bothered to mention. (From my experience you could ask ten people directions to a place and eight out of ten will give you a different answer.) It was live music and chill reggae vibes all night. The place was in the cuts near Via Lebetta and the highway. I chilled at the reggae festival until 5:30am because the metro started after five and I didn't want to be sitting at the station. The reggae festival was more live than I expected because they had artists from Egypt, Italia, Jamaica, Nigeria, and other parts of Africa performing, all night.

I got smashed off Italian beer, and around four am could barely make out what the host was saying cuz his accent was so thick. He spoke in broken English with a heavy Italian slur, it was kinda funny. All around me people were sparking weed and hashish like it was legal. Weed is Illegal in Rome but it seems like the law has a blind eye to it, cuz it's everywhere. Real weed costs about twenty euros and from what I could see looks like twenty euros buys you a half gram. I didn't see one cop or security the entire evening.

While roaming around the event I ran into some tourist from Naples who came for the Reggae festival. I met this girl named Akiko who was Japanese, raised in Rome, went to school in Berlin (so spoke) German and learned English while at school. She wanted me to attend a pool party for her Italian friend who just dropped a Hip Hop CD today. I was wasted at the time we spoke during the reggae festival so I wrote her number down her number but forgot one of the digits, so I missed the event. Basically the Italian number consists of ten digits but I only wrote nine. In my defense I was incredibly smashed say it with me folks (Sum-MASH-eD) at the time and trying to seem sober to hold a cohesive conversation with a Japanese girl who considers herself Roman, who went to school in Germany to learn English….yeah try saying that all in one sentence. Anyhow, I fucked up the number so ended up roaming tonight through passages unknown, near Piazza La Bologna to kick it.

I found club Random (that's really the name check clubrandom.it) by chance coming from San Lorenzo village. I call San Lorenzo a village because it 6 city blocks of bars and cocktail lounges for the college crowd. In the middle of all the bars is San Lorenzo street and on it you find A mix of hobos and college kids, mixed together like a finely stirred chicken broth. I find the fine amalgamy of innocence and corruption slightly intoxicating. I was asked for Hash and weed so many times I started to think I was a stereotype (exhibit A: the drug dealer). If I had actually brought weed and exstacy with me I would have made a killing. Most of the people sitting in the center of San Lorenzo were seriously wasted. I saw people geeking off everything from weed, hash, ex, acid and powdered heroine. Anyhow the bars of San Lorenzo closed at 2am. It seems that Rome has no liquor law so bars can serve as late as they like but most stop at 3am so the college kids can wake up sober enough in the morning for classes. This is all summer long so don't expect to find better unless you go to a discothèque, like I did.

Anyhow, I didn't have any drugs to peddle and wasn't into taking any so soon I got bored of the beer and pina colata shots and decided to go back to my hotel. I left San Lorenzo and started walking back to Piazza Balogna about 30minutes away. On the way found the random bar, this place played Italian Hip-hop mixed with African music and it was packed with black people of all backgrounds. I'm talking everything from African to almost white the Random club dance floor stays packed the whole night, I left around 4:30am cuz I was buzzed (still am) and I didn't want the cleaning lady doing the pop-up like she did this morning. Around 10am after I only had 3 uurs sleep from returning from the reggae festival the clean-up lady came in the room to clean my room. I have vague recollections of her seeing me butt-naked, dropping the new towels, screaming and slamming the door. I don't want a repeat experience today do I'm going to be out the room before she arrives…or at least sleep under some covers this time.

What can I say the situation is unique, Rome has its own style and if you don't fit into it you stand out. When I was walking back from therandonclub.it around 5:30am I saw people sleeping in their cars with the door open like they had no fear of being mugged. In New York they would have a wino with a dull razor to their neck asking for their wallet and keys. Apparently that's not a problem Rome. The whole experience had a 70's retro feel to it that I can't put in words. Suffice it to say that the American tradition of being skeptical of your neighbor vibe was absent tonight. Most of the crowd was more interested in partying than my nationality. I'm now back at my hotel my eyes feel like I have weights attached to the lids, I keep losing my train of thought and have written the same sentence three times. I gotta get some sleep! I'll spell-check when I wake-up.

Until then, Be well

Tha One an Only

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