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Hello, hello kiddies,

Daddies back with new tales of musical decadence, physical suffering and delight. So take a seat, put up your feet, and enjoy the literary treat.

I've received allot of questions lately about what I've been doing on the creative front since the album dropped. So for my hardcore fans, I decided to give a sneak preview of a new track. It's unmixed and raw so I'm only leaving it up for a week. Like I said last entry I've been moving in the shadows and shade hustling collabos with catz from all points across the globe.

I did move into the light long enough to catch the Saigon show at the Melkweg two weeks ago. I've been hearing the buzz about Saigon for a few years now without an album, so I was curious to what his stage show would be like. The tickets cost a grip but Nemo got Blix and me in on the guest list so we only had to pay half price. The show started thirty minutes late but the crowd didn't care cuz the wanted to see if the Yard father (what he calls himself) could get busy.

When he finally did hit the stage with two of his cohorts and the DJ, he ran through a impressive hour-long set. He had some strong lyrics and banging beats, the crowd was feeling it. Periodically he would stop between songs to let the audience know his mom was sick in the states and he was having problems dealing with it, so he was drunk and high. The funny thing is... he was in Amsterdam! Most of the artists who come here get drunk and high, so the crowd was used to it. After finishing his one-hour set Saigon and company quickly bounced from the venue. As they filed out the exits most of the crowd said they enjoyed the show but it was too expensive.

I shot the video for Welkom 2 Amsterdam a few weeks ago with my peeps at G-traxxx. We're in the final stages of editing so it should be on the site in two weeks. The video was shot all over Amsterdam so it has a blend of monuments, ghettos, and local hangouts. In the video you will notice I'm wearing a cast, cuz I broke my thumb in two places and tore the ligament that connects my thumb to my index finger. How did achieve this marvelous massacre of my metacarpal musculature? Well the truth is I was doing a thing. When I say that most people assume that it was something violent. I keep telling people i´m not a violent person, situations happen around me that lead to violence. I would love to say the injury came from some hillbilly style bar brawl with chairs being thrown and windows being smashed but the truth is far less sensational.

What really happened is I was shredding some powder at Snow Planet (indoor winter sports complex) when I decided to be adventurous and jump the kicker (ramp) and do a cab 540 (one and a half rotations). I landed to far forward, fell on the hands and broke my thumb. It was my first time trying the ramps at Snow Planet, usually I stick to the slopes. I'm one of like twenty or so people that board during the summer cuz the park is empty and you can board or ski all day off one lift ticket. I never learned how to ski but I respect the skill and technique it takes to compete in the freestyle form.

I was supposed to wear the cast for six weeks , but after two the plaster started bleaching my skin and itching like ants were under it. Against the recommendation of my doctor and under the warning of permanent damage I cut my cast off with scissors and ate some Ice cream. I gotta say, "I feel great". Of course later if i'm still unable to write my name with a pen I might be chirping a different tune. This goes to show you... intelligence doesn't mean wisdom.

Since my hand is mangled I can't write (with pen and paper) which is something I did on a daily basis. To distract me from what I can't do I read a few books that I had heard about but never had time to read. I read Pimp (by Iceberg Slim), Whoreson, Black Gangster, and Dope fiend (by Donald Goines), Chopper and Chopper 2 (by Mark Brandon Read) and a few books my sister sent that we won't discuss. I know allot of people that hate reading and get tired from reading anything more than a comic strip. I don't give a fuck what anybody thinks I love reading and although I hate that I can't write, I'm enjoying some of the books people have been recommending.

That's it for now boyz and girlz, check out the track of you like it holla back!

Til then, Be Well

Tha One an Only

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