Sinister Ambitionz

Sinister Ambitionz is released my people so get you copy while they're in stock.

Cuz I'm blowing up the block, round the clock until my heart stop.

The beast is off his leash running rampant around the globe!

Infiltrating your system like a Alien probe.

Yeah I'm buggin right now but I got a right to. I worked hard on this project and allot of other people did to, so holding it my hands is the culmination of all that creative energy.

Here are some people who donated their time and energy to this project. My colleague Liz (Lamchop) Harnden, Jo Seaton, Steven (Mr. Multiful) Postma, Blix, B1, Playa 1, Boy, Sliscobarrs, The whole Pitu fam (Chi-man, coffe, Planga, Biggz, Rapadelic, Shokk-E, Cannibal Stlye), DJ Nemo, DJ Sniper, NLZ, Planet Asia, Misstrezz, Chappell, Arjun, Raul, and Ghost, Planet Asia, Walt Liquor, Jose Neto and Rebel-D Records. There are to many to name here but cop the album and look in the label copy for the full list.

Right now you can buy the album at a million online spots and Fat Beats physical stores. Within the next 4 weeks it will be available in Asia (China, Japan, Taiwan, etc…), UK, US, Canada, and rest of Europe.

Also things are really hectic because, I'm about to move, set-up a tour, and release a string of collabos with catz from the US to the Ukraine, so expect to hear some wild news in the coming weeks.

Til then, Be Safe…and go BUY the album

Tha One an Only

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