Roaming in Rome

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Things have done a 180 degree turn since my last post and I gotta say I'm loving life right now. I've recorded three new tracks all of them are dope but it's the track "Grinding Muzik" that's my favorite. It has the same energy as "Its Vinum," but with more descriptive lyrics and a cinematic beat. The studio was fixed a few days after my last post, and I've been recording non-stop since then.

I finished editing the clip for the Misstrezz song "Hot" a week ago and now we're waiting for some post production CG (computer graphic) effects before it's posted online. The clip is a fast paced party anthem that fits the activities of summer. It's a mix of shows from Atlanta, Georgia, Utrecht, and Island Vibe parties at Club Poema. The clip tested my green screen editing skills and took allot of work, so I'm happy it's done. Now I can focus on my project 100 percent and hopefully complete two more video projects before the end of the summer.

I leave for Rome, Italy this Thursday July 24th-28th for a brief visit. It's going to be my first time in Italy and although I want to get some tracks done, I'm looking forward to playing the tourist. I'm going to visit the Vatican City, the Coliseum, and numerous other landmarks. In between playing tourist I'm going to get more footage for my next clip as well as more background footage for the DvD project. I'm basically going to roam throughout Rome and see where it takes me.

When I return to Amsterdam on the 28th I'm immediately back to work in the studio. I have five more songs that need recording and another two that need to be re-written. After my near "insanity" experience my motivation has been through the roof. I went from stressed-out and unfocused to writing and painting every other day. I've always painted and illustrated as a hobby because taking ideas out of my mind and manifesting them into reality helps me relax. I only work in acrylic painting because oil is too difficult and watercolor is too runny. Only recently has my art got to the point where I'm ready to sell my paintings. I know you want to see if my paintings are wack or not so I'll post some of the pieces online to appease your curiousity.

Til then, Be Well

Tha One an Only

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