Quest for Power

Whats poppin people,

I’m doing more shows now than I have in the last year. This is partly because of all the promotion my team has been doing and partly because of the new music. There is a absence of lyrical artists and I’m on a quest for power to fill the vacuum. Most of the songs on the radio or even on the underground circuit are auto-tune heavy and filled with simple nursery rhymes. I spit hard, metaphor heavy, rhymes with substance and the industry is finally taking notice. Check out my new song "Redlight City" describing what it's like to go out in Amsterdam on a Saturday night.

I have a show on the 16th of August at the CC Muziek Cafe in Amsterdam. The club has a wide stage, good sound system and is in a nice location. It’s going to be one hour of non-stop Hip-Hop, that rocks the block. Then there’s a show at the Little Stage in Berlin on September 3rd. Its going to be a good show cuz I haven’t been back to Berlin since the Popkomm conference in 2006. I like the city of Berlin. It's easy to travel around, the people are relaxed, and they have a wide variety of nightclubs. The last time I was there I went to this club called Delicious Donuts that had long island ice teas so strong that two would make you see double. You can read about the whole experience by clicking here


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