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Hello my people, this is the second time Im posting this blog, the first one got deleted so youre gonna have to settle for the condensed version. I'm currently writing from Canne, France where I'm attending the 40th Midem Conference (as I said in a previous post for those of you who dont know) and I have to say it's been a very successful venture for me. I came here to find a national distribution deal and I've done that plus found one for Asia (Japan, China, and Indonesia, etcetera) as well, I've been making power moves. This was my first time attending the Midem so I didnt quite know what to expect. As you already know or heard the music business is 80% bullshit an 20% business in theory. Here I actually got to see how that percentage rate played out. Things are never the same in practical application as they are in theory; if you dont believe me just ask any scientist. Most will tell you theoretical science has very little to do with practical science cuz most discoveries happen by chance, thats fairly similar to how the Midems work.

Most people plan all their meetings and workshops in advance so they can use their time wisely. Thats a great plan in theory but the truth is most of the best deals happened from just walking around the conference and slipping in talking to people in between meetings. Why? Because when you have a scheduled meeting you have time to prepare your monologue and know how lead the conversation in the direction you want it to go. When you have a walk up meeting you dont have allot of time so you say all the important stuff first and skip the BS. The walk up meetings worked better for me (thats how I got my deals) cause I hate to waste time and hate BS even more. Just like the rest of my associates I planned meetings all week and some were good but the walk-ups were quick, concise and to the point, and thats just the way I like to do business.

Aside from the industry execs, there was allot of workshops and concerts going on throughout the week that covered all genres of music. I got to see some dope performances by guys from the U.K, France, Finland, US and several spots in between. Chuck D was here and he introduced this group out of Toronto, Canada called The Dope Poets Society, and they're going HARD at George W.B. They have a new album called ProIntelPro (Promote Intelligence Program) that talks about the whole war (for oil and power) on terrorism and other injustices committed against the free world by the US. Chuck D also introduced 2-time Canadian Grammy winner Maestro and DJ Spinister like they were the new Public Enemy. This cat named Professor D, a white cat with dreads down to the floor who gets real passionate when hes talking politics, leads TDPS (The Dope Poet Society). You could tell they had some serous history and that the vibe was strong. Not on some business (we paid Chuck to give us props) vibe, it was straight love and respect for their craft. Chuck said he knew them from way back in 1989, so that's a long term contact. Then there was my manz Juice aKa Rochester (BIG Shout-Out to JUICE holding it down for the T-Dot) who came in for a short cameo and ripped a hot verse. Juice is the next generation of emcee coming out of Toronto and he has real lyrical prowess, plus hes a cool dude. I'll be real with you'll, they did their thing and there is some inferno hot flavor coming from the Icy north above the border.

There was also a performance by my homie Bodaiga, (Big shout out to Mike, Zoe and the whole DL click...them catz know how to PARTY!) on Down-Low records. DL is an independent label from Florida making major moves in the south. Bodaiga is their marquee artist coming out of Wisconsin; yes you read that right, Wisconsin (the cheese state) and he ripped a show in this little sweatbox club near the convention center. I know when you hear Wisconsin its hard to take it serious but dont get it twisted Bo is a savage, he can spit plus he gots some hits coming... so be on the look out. Then there was this cat Redum out of Finland, who wasn't bad considering I never heard Finnish Hip-Hop so I had no one to compare him to. My only problem with his show is he tried to sound (and look) too much like Eminem and you'll know how I feel about biterz (if not read the blog titled Biterz). In between all that there were local artists and musicians performing all over the Canne and most gave good shows.

Beyond the shows and the business, the conference is sitting right the edge of the French Riviera and it is GORGEOUS. Sunny weather, airbrushed skies, clean beaches and water so clear blue, it makes you wonder if its been chemically treated. Walking on the beach is literally like walking into a postcard. It's hard to believe it's real until you see the digital picture with yourself in them, and ever then it looks like you're standing in front of a very detailed wall sized poster. I've been to Monaco, Nice (where my hotel is at), Canne (where the conference is at) and some small town in between the two called Antibes. They're all beautiful, and next year when I come back ...Oh yes I WILL be back next year. Im going to schedule a little time off so I can go sight seeing and really appreciate the beauty of my surroundings. Adding all that together along with the fine French cuisine made this one very pleasurable trip. I think the most annoying thing about my entire trip is this keyboard, cuz everything on it is in different places and they have symbols I dont even recognize. Its like trying to decipher a VCR manual written in Chinese, backwards. So I'm gonna stop right here and go get something tasty to eat and maybe do a little shopping before I go. If you ever get the chance to come here its highly recommended, until next time, be safe.

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