Old School

It's Saturday night, 3am and I'm wearing insomnia like a bride in a veil. I keep hearing the term "old school," when applied to MC's who still send out vinyl or CD. The "new school," is the net MC and the digital advertisers and distributors. Even the big wigs like Sony, Warner, Def Jam, and others are getting involved. My take on the digital market is...It is dope for the indie label trying to cut out the middle man, when it comes to marketing and advertising a project to a wider demographic. Say you’re in the US but want to break into the UK market …Since the Internet is world wide it only a matter of clicking a button. Of course I’m simplifying the process, but you know what I mean. It’s not so great if you don’t have a budget. Net marketing and advertising is just like trying to buy physical real estate, first you have to shop around and compare prices then see if the place has a good rental agreement. Man to be real with you if someone told me I would be doing real estate I would've hired an agent. Agents and lawyers are similar to pet reptiles; they're both very expensive, cold blooded and speak with a forked tongue. I'm too self-efficient to deal with them unless absolutely necessary, so I'm learning the market as I go, my best advice for a newbie trying to get his product heard through digital marketing. Is (1) Make sure your product is TIGHT (ask people not in you circle to critique your work). (2) Have your EXACT budget ready, cuz when you find a hot spot you have to jump on the deal immediately. (3) Know your audience and concentrate your marketing efforts to appeal to them first! (After you've established a fan-base then you can expand your marketing demographic for more popular appeal). Last and most important PUT IN THE WORK! Don't depend on anyone else to get your music out there. You know your product better than any agent or advertising firm so use your ideas for them to draw up their marketing concepts. The more active you are in the direction of your career the more positive the results will be, just some food for thought.

Til next time, P.E.A.C.E (Proper Education Always Corrects Errors)

Tha One an Only


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