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Speaking Chinese

What's Poppin People,

It's almost summer and Vinumous Records is bringing the heat. Welcome to party season!

This is a short three month period of festivals, concerts, and massive outdoor events. With summer almost here and the musical vibe has changed. No more rhymes about drinking in crowded bars on cold winter nights. Now its margarita's on the beach, and watching beautiful bodies in tiny bikini's.

To honor the coming season of festivities, we've reconstructed and added new pictures, merchandise and music. The Vinumous Records website will also be renovated in the coming weeks to give a more interactive experience.

We also released a video for the song "Wanna Sound Like Me" off Tha Audio Bully album. The video was just a project for the fans and was released with no promotion. You can check out the new video here:

Last, the new single "Speaking Chinese" was released June 12th and is available at all major music outlets. You can buy a copy of my new ladies anthem on iTunes by clicking the link. Check out the website, video and music. If you like what you see, drop a comment and don't forget to tell a friend to tell a friend.


Tyger Vinum

Whats Poppin Music Lovers,

Here is my new video "My Addictions" off the Grindin Muzik album. The video features footage from shows in New York, Miami, Amsterdam and Las Vegas. The song is about dealing with addiction.

Everyone has an addiction to something. It can be to their cell phone, food, drugs, work, sex, or money. There's nothing wrong with having an addiction. It only becomes a problem when a person lets it get out of control. When I was younger that's what O.G.'s (Original "Old" Gangsta's) would call "having a monkey on your back." My addictions are no worse than then next persons the only difference is... I'm honest about mine.

If u like the video click the like button on YouTube and on my FB page.

Thanxx 4 the support.


Unseen Danger

It's the middle of the summer but it feels like fall. I don't know anywhere else on the planet (except New England) where the climate changes so quickly during one day. This morning was sunshine, this afternoon was rain mixed with hail (yes, frozen snow hail) then this evening is clear skies again.

Aside from surviving the climate change, life has been good. I've been working on the album, doing shows, open mics, and expanding the merchandising. The music is coming in a variety of flavors. There are several new songs. The two "Speaking Chinese" and "Novicane," have been added to my soundcloud. Both songs have videos being shot in the next few weeks. Both are demo versions and will be mixed for the album, but only one song is for the ladies.

Speaking Chinese is my ode to beautiful women. Not one particular race, color, religion, or nationality. I wrote the track with every type of woman in mind. It’s a summer song with a simple message and party flow. The video is being shot on the beach with a lot of sun, bikini's and bathing suits.

Novicane is a grimey, futuristic, aggressive track with dope production. The beat comes from the La Sombra crew from Spain. I did a collabo track for their album called "Todos a Una," which is for sale now by clicking the link. The video for Novicane is going to be a dark concept clip. It's similar to a short movie (with less acting) and will be released after Speaking Chinese.

Finally, the new free Tyger Vinum music app is available to download for all mobile platforms. You can either click the barcode on the front of my website and blog. Or you can click the link at the bottom of this post..cuz all roads lead to Ixtlan. Check out the new music, watch out for the new videos, download the app cuz it's FREE and don't forget to tell a friend to tell a friend.

Tyger Vinum music app

Till Next We Speak, Be Well

Tha One an Only


 black rage

I've gained quite a few haters lately. Some even in the outer perimeter of my own social circle. Haters are people Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. I can't take credit for the acronym. I read it somewhere and thought it fit.

Hating is a weakness. It shows the person has a weak character, mind, and spirit. By hating they display to the world that they don't have the motivation, determination and ambitious drive to catch whatever dream they're chasing. Most haters do it cuz they envy a persons position. Meaning their social status, fame, wealth or possessions.

In the haters mind they believe that person doesn't deserve what they have. Or in some cases they believe they (the hater) can do it better. Whether it be sports, music, acting, art, or a well paying profession like doctor or lawyer. To fill the void that disappointment in their own life and envy creates...they hate on others, to feel better about themselves.

For all those poor souls who try and reason, debate or rehabilitate haters, take some simple advice "It's not worth it." Understanding a person doesn't stop them from spreading negativity. The way I see it. If haters spent less time hating and more on self-improvement they would be closer to reaching their goals and happier in life.

Let me take this moment to say "Thank-You" to all my haters! I appreciate living in your head rent free...all the time. The more people that hate, only shows validation that I'm getting closer to reaching success. That negative energy fuels my motivation and inspires me to work harder towards achieving my goals. By becoming successful I become truly worthy of all the wasted energy being expended hating.

On that note I'll share the most recent accomplishments. The label Vinumous Records signed a three year distribution deal with Blackhole Recordings a division of Koch/E1 distribution. We finally have a major only took ten years. All a major does is put my music in territories that were inaccessible as an independent. This creates new fans and touring opportunities for myself and other artists on the label.

Also this morning I finished editing the clip for the song "That's Life." It's track fourteen on the Grindin Muzik album, which is available for purchase in stores and on all digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, etc..). You can watch the video here. 

Life, like wine keeps getting better with time. Once again thanks to all my haters, you keep me on the grind. (Keep Hating)

Til Next We Speak, Be Well

Tha One an Only



I attended Midem this year with reservations about what to expect because last year was a disappointment. After the first day of the conference my mind was changed and I’m glad I went.

The conference was moved to a new location. It was smaller, more refined, digital and focused on person-to-person and artist-to-fan music management. There were several events that offered insight on how to pitch music to major labels and the media. There were group meeting sessions where aspiring artists and entrepreneurs learned how to market, package and promote their products. The sessions lasted thirty minutes and consisted of attendees asking managers and C.E.O.’s what they could do to improve their own business.

One of the best events was the Direct 2 Fan camp. This was indie artists with little budgets explaining how they developed a fan base and made money off their music. The best speaker was Cellist and composer Keating Zoe. She has no label, no deal and makes allot of money from her grass roots digital marketing approach. During her thirty minute session she was friendly, candid and informative…I liked her style.

Another big event was the Midemlab business start-up pitch session. New companies would pitch their idea to a panel of peers to gain funding to expand their product into new territories. There were over twenty companies and each had interesting ideas, but only one would be selected a winner and possibly become the next Spotify. All the attendees were given a list of the start-ups so after the conference they could choose which companies interest them. There were only three that interested me, but I’m going to wait a few months to see how well they do before pursuing membership.

The Midem party line-up is legendary. Over the years I’ve seen shows from Hank ShockLee from the Bomb Squad, LL Cool J, Sugar Hill Gang, and numerous others. This year the concerts were focused more on rock and pop music. The only show that really surprised me was the DJ Jazzy Jeff show, the second to last day. On the concert schedule it listed “Wale” from Maybach music performing. When people arrived at the party they found out the Wale wasn’t there instead it was DJ Jazzy Jeff and Skillz aka Madskillz as the hype man. Jazzy Jeff pumped the party up! He played a mix of tunes from the old to the new school while Skillz kept the audience hyped using call and response on the known tracks. Half the crowd had their camera phones out recording the show or taking pictures. It was my first time seeing Jazzy Jeff live and now I know why he’s one of the most requested DJ’s in the world.

I’m back in Amsterdam working hard on the new album. The project is moving along nicely and to keep the creative juices flowing I’ve been video making. The videos “Grimey” and "Defying Gravity” are on my website, youtube, vladtv and most other music sites. I’m currently working on a clip for the song “That’s Life” off the Grindin Muzik album. The video will be shot in the next two weeks if the weather allows.

I say that cuz it snowed a few inches yesterday and the city is covered in white. According to the news the weather has remained at -8 degrees Celsius for the last week and it isn’t going to get any warmer. I go outside wrapped like a mummy and still feel the cold. Rain, sleet, hail, or snow nothing will stop my plans to blow. Watch the new videos by pressing the link and check back for updates.

Til next we speak, Stay Warm

Tha One an Only