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Hello My People!

"Tha Audio Bully" album was released early on iTunes and so you can buy a copy RIGHT NOW here. The CD will be available March 17th. In conjunction with the album release, Vinumous Records will be doing a promotional contest where fans win free merchandise! Read the details below.


The first 100 people to buy a copy of Tha Audio Bully CD will be eligible to win a free Tyger Vinum T-shirt. The shirts are from the new merchandise line and come in colors silver and gold. Winners get to choose their size and color. To win contestants must:

1. Buy a copy of Tha Audio Bully off or

2. Send an email to "" with "Tha Audio Bully Contest" as the subject.

3. In the body of the email, first put your paypal or bitcoin transaction ID.

4. Next, write one music single off Tyger Vinum's last three albums International Hustler, Sinister Ambitionz, and Grindin Muzik.

5. Last, put your name, mailing address, size: (M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL) and color choice (silver or gold).

Winners are only eligible for one prize per mailing address and after 100 winners the contest will be removed. Below are pictures of the shirts and the new line of fitted and snapback caps. Thank you to all my fans! Check out the album cuz I know you're going to luv it.


The album is DONE! The release date for "Tha Audio Bully" is March 17th 2015, and It will be available digitally and on CD.

Along with the album release, my label Vinumous Records, will be doing a contest for the fans to win free merchandise. To find out more details on the contest and to see our original selection of T-shirts and caps, check out our store page. While I was recording the album I also recorded songs for “The Bonus Traxx” EP. The EP will include songs that didn’t make the album, as well as a few extra tracks.

2014 ended strong for me with the single "New York Spit" reaching #1 on the Starfleet Music Charts. The single stayed on the charts for twelve weeks and the video has over 20,000 YouTube plays and is still climbing. It’s all thanks to you fans! The next video project will be for the single “Love Hip-Hop” off the new album. Be on the lookout for that video in the next few months.

Everything was done just in time for my trip to the Czech Republic tomorrow. I'm taking a week off to shred some powder and relax. I'll post some pics from the trim when I return. Until then...check the tracklisting for the album in the pic below. Much luv to everyone who contributed to the project!


I want to give a big shout out to all the fans! For making New York Spit #1 on the StarFleet Music Pool Top-50 Indie Urban/Hip Hop/Latin Charts     

and #2 on the Top-50 Urban/Hip Hop Charts in November.

The single stayed on the charts for twelve weeks...I appreciate the love. It was a success thanks to all of you. Big things are on the way. The merch is HERE! Get your Tyger Vinum T-shirts in all sizes from the website. The shirts are available in colors Silver and Gold, because everyone who wears one is royalty.

The album is done and being mixed and mastered as I write this post. Once it's turned in, it takes one month for it to be available on all digital platforms. So expect the release to be at the end of February. I'll post the exact date in another post.

For now check out the shirts...while listening to some tunes. Next month we have fitted and snapback caps in four colors available, so check back soon.


Tha One an Only




What's poppin people!

It's been awhile since my last post. During that time I've been through more up's and down's than a roller-coaster.

The "down's" were having leg surgery to remove the metal plate and 5 screws I got during my military tour. The surgery went well but due to a hematoma I had to keep my leg elevated and couldn't walk for a month. It's been a month and a half since surgery and the hole on my leg has finally closed up.

The "ups" by far outweigh the "downs" in terms of creativity. Once I was mobile again, I shot the video for "New York Spit." The song is Dollarmentary and I trading bars about our love of Hip-Hop over a classic 90's beat. The video was shot in Amsterdam and New York City. This was the second single off Tha Audio Bully album coming January 2015. The song is available on iTunes here

Click here for the new video.

During my recuperation I spent entire days drawing and writing. The results from those endeavors were primitive colored creations. The drawings were done in blue, red, and black ink. Not by choice...those were the only pens around me at the time. With the exception of "Gun Pop Art" which was drawn and shaded in black pen. Then it was colored in marker by a friend. Some of the images will be used in future painting like "Lucky 13" or "Cat in Baby Suit," the rest were for practice.

There are more videos, music, and blog posts coming in 2015. I had to focus less on the posting and more on the creating for awhile, but in 2015 I'll figure out how to balance the two. Check out the new video and art. If you like what you see leave a comment and repost it to a friend.


I just got back from a visit to Copenhagen and it was some wicked travel. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and one of the oldest cities in Europe. It's a beautiful city with architecture and history in every direction.

I was only there a week but I learned a lot about Danish culture. The Vikings who are credited for being some of the best and furthest sailing warriors in history come from Denmark. Their long ships could use wind power and oars so were able to travel further than any other sailing vessel during their time. Thanks to these ships the Danish colonized the rest of Scandinavia and several other countries.

One of the biggest tourist attractions was the "Green Light District." The Green Light District is like the "Red Light District" in Amsterdam accept instead of prostitutes behind windows you have hash and weed. It's a small village named Freetown Christiania in the center of Copenhagen, full of squatters, hippies and artists. The Green light District was once an abandoned military base that squatters and hippies took over back in the 80's. Although it's in Copenhagen, Christiania has it's own laws and rules. The most important two rules are "No Violence and No hard drugs". During my visit there were several reggae artists scheduled to perform on a modest sized stage in the center of Christiania.

Aside from Christiania, there were museums, monuments and amusement park throughout Copenhagen. One place named Tivoli Gardens had an Amusement park with a full sized pirate ship refurbished into a restaurant. It also had cool rides and several varieties of exotic flowers for the tourists. There's also a shopping street named the "Stroget" that is famous for being the longest shopping street in the world.

Close to the Stroget were tattoo parlors with different styles of artists. I got a tattoo at the first tattoo parlor in Copenhagen. The place was small and covered in photos displaying the King of Denmark getting tattoos. The place had a old school look with new equipment and excellent artists. I got an "Infinity Wolf" tattoo by a talented artist named Orre.

Overall the trip was fun, informative and full of amazing experiences. In September I'm off to Bordeaux, France for a week. That's wine country so I foresee it being a fun trip. If you're curious about Copenhagen check some of the pics from the trip below.