Live Shows

Life has been hectic with the album release and promo campaign. Thanks to my dedicated partner, the DJ's, and u fans I feel like the project is a success.

Last month, I did two shows at the Live on The Low in Amsterdam. The first show was on March 10th and the second on March 31st. The show two nights ago was off the chain! The crowd was hyped-up, the tunes were banging and everybody had a good time.

The Live on the Low is held at a local venue called the Winston Kingdom. The Winston attracts a diverse crowd of tourists and locals who come for the music and 2 for 1 drinks. I did shows there in the past but the last show was the best so far.

I ran through a 20 minute set of new songs off Tha Audio Bully album. From the first track "Witness Tha Sickness" to the last "Bounce That Booty" the crowd was bouncing. During the show my photographer friend Beata Fortuna shot pics. I posted some of the pics below; and to see some of the show you missed, watch the video here.

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