Life Experience

What’s poppin people,

Time is short and my work list let’s get into the update.

The album is coming along at a steady pace. I've been writing more than recording just to get all the ideals out. When I do record it’s all done in a four or five hour session. This method keeps the song with the same energy. When I used to stop and take a few days off, then come back to a song, sometimes it wouldn’t have the same feeling as when I first recorded it.

Aside from recording I’ve been video making. The Vinumous Chronicles 16 Barz series is going strong. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, here’s the scoop. It started April 17th and goes on until August 28th 2011. I spit a 16 bar accapella every week for twenty weeks. The bars are a mix of verses from my upcoming album Tha Audio Bully and some I wrote for the series. The videos are uploaded to my YouTube page and since it’s already up to its sixth week. You can start watching now! Watch the week six video here.

I've been to a few parties since we last spoke and had a blast on Queensday. There was a carnival at the Dam Square on Queensday which had a shooting game. They give you a air rifle with ball-bearings and you have to shoot stars off of hooks. My skills with a rifle are almost as good as I am with a pen. I got nineteen out of twenty shots and won a big yellow duck. The duck is cool (check the pic) cuz when you rub on its butt it quacks. I didn't find this out until I was home after parting it up in the city. When I sat the duck on the couch it started to quack and scared my cat.

In between the music and video making I’ve been going to school. One more month left and it’s summer vacation. I can use it cuz, the classes have gotten harder and I’m slowly getting smarter. My plans for the summer are to make $money$ and do some traveling. I love Amsterdam but I’ve been in Europe for a while and there’s still some parts I want to see. Life is a series of experiences big and small. What a person learns from those experiences and incorporates it into their life builds their character. (food for thought)

Until Next We Speak, Be Well

Tha One an Only

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