Deja Vu...have we done this before?

Deja Vu…it's like I lived this day before and didn't enjoy it. I'm sitting on my couch, fingers poised on the keys, prepared to divulge a bevy of literary debauchery detailing my actions over the last few weeks, but I remain motionless. There have been a lot of twists and turns in my tale and in an effort to diminish typing time I'll keep it brief.

Since we last spoke I've returned to Amsterdam, recorded several new tracks including "Grinding Muzik" the title off the new album, I talked about in a previous entry. Just like with "Ahhyoo" I put up the rough mix so you get the raw version, you can listen to it on my page. I also finished the track "Who Dat Be," featuring Sean P from the Boot Camp Clik, that is straight FIYA! The new project is moving along nicely, there have been a few stumbles along the way, but overall things are on schedule. The release date for "Grinding Muzik" is March 17th 2009 so mark your calendar.

My passion for videography has grown exponentially since I've returned from Rome. I watch vids on youtube and try new techniques on the daily. My latest project is making a compilation of mini-clips from footage recorded over the last five years. It's called the Vinumous Chronicles and they feature footage from Rome, Berlin, Miami, Cannes, Nice, New York, and other locations, three are currently uploaded to Youtube. I've traveled allot over the years and felt like sharing some of the experiences. If you're curious take a peek and if you like it, tell a friend to tell a friend.

On the personal side, I just celebrated my birthday on September 13th and it was a blast. I started out around 6 'clock meeting some friends for drinks at the Frisco Inn, this tiny watering hole near Central Station. I've talked about this place before. It used to cater to football hooligans serving strong beer, cheap pool and a diverse range of liquors. Nemo, Burgs, Conflict and a few other peeps came thru and we had a good time. After a few games of pool and shots we hit the Absinthe Bar for one glass of Spanish Absinthe. It was the first time drinking absinthe for Burgs and from the look on homies face he found the stuff vile. I had warned him in advance that it was an acquired taste, but for some people experience is the best teacher.

From there we hit the Bitter Zoet (Bitter Sweet in English) a popular nightclub that played an eclectic-mix of hip-hop, reggae and pop music until five am. We partied till closing, meeting various friends and associates along the way. Right before the club closed I got invited to an after party called the StopNiets (Non-Stop) in Amsterdam Noord. I was still lucid, rolling with Burgs and this model type from Spain named Mariluz, so we decided to check out the after party. Let me tell you the StopNiets, was off the chain!

The place isn't a nightclub it's a refurbished navel battleship, converted into three floors of bars, bodies and house music. The party was already in full swing when we got there and after forty minutes or so inside I needed a break. Sitting on the deck looking out at the ocean listening to Burgs and Mariluz make flirtatious small talk, I realized I was wasted. Not to the point of total annihilation but I was done, and ready to hit my couch for some much needed recuperation. A few seconds after I thought it, Burgs said it, and we bounced. Trying to get out of the StopNiets is much, MUCH harder to do than getting in. Picture a battleship then imagine that the inner chambers consist of long catacombs and walkways that are fifty or sixty feet off the ground, with thin railings. Each corner of the square shaped chambers have one downward staircase leading to the chamber below, all the way to the base of the ship. On the middle deck is two DJ's spinning house music through speaker so loud you can feel the bass shake the floor above. Under the pulsation of the strobe light the whole scene looked like a Staircase picture by MC Escher. Compound all this with being inebriated and you have a recipe for disaster.

We were all drunk and in unfamiliar surroundings so it took almost an hour of getting directions from people to wasted for words and roaming up and down floors before we actually made the great escape. Since then I've been to a couple other good parties but only one in as interesting surroundings. Last week I went to this underground party in an abandoned WW2 bunker. All the weapons and equipment was removed and squatters moved in with turn tables and alcohol…the people followed. The place was bananas, to get to the party you have to go in the middle of a park find a statue, then go into the bushes behind the statue, follow a trail that leads to the door of the underground bunker. Believe me it was a serious adventure, which for me didn't end until the next afternoon. But that's a tale for a different day. For now check out the new music and video blogs on youtube. If you like the new stuff post a comment and tell a friend to tell a friend.

Until Then, Be Well

Tha One an Only

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