Darkness and Shadows

Hello my blog reading cyber-junkies. I'm too busy for a long entry so let’s jump right into it. I returned from the 2009 Midem a few weeks ago and have been busy non-stop since I landed. Midem was somewhat a disappointment this year because I was expecting more from the experience. There were only two companies (aside from mine) that dealt exclusively with urban music. This is a dramatic change from previous years where at least 30% of the companies attending Midem dealt with urban music as a primary or secondary genre.

Although there was little Hip-Hop representation Midem still did a great job with the concerts. I saw Henk ShockLee the producer from Public Enemy give a live show with a crew called the "Bomb Squad" that was off the meat rack! He was doing a mash-up (crossing two different genres of music) mix of hip hop, dubb, reggae and dance tracks. Before he gave the show he talked for about ten minutes about how happy the U.S. was to have Obama in office. The audience was hanging on his every word and when he finished his dissertation the crowd was ecstatic. The shift from urban to dance music is no surprise considering the resent global events. Regardless, it wasn't what I was expecting and I don't think I'll attend next year.

I recently uploaded the Vinumous Records 2009 E.P.K on and few other locations. This is the electronic press kit I distributed during Midem featuring new music from myself with Rusty Juxx, Misstrezz, Burgs and Sir Lioth, along with the VR discography and videography. It had to be compressed for streaming so lost some quality, but it’s still viewable.

Since returning I've been making moves in the company of shadows under the veil of darkness plotting schemes for success. I'm a nocturnal creature that finds solace in the shadows, so even though I'm back in Amsterdam allot of people haven't seen me. I've been busy with test shots for the "Grindin Muzik" video clip I'm shooting next week. Like with "AhhYoo and SmeerSpit" I will be directing and editing the clip. The concept is a horror movie theme which is best described as "Candy Man" crossed with "The Mummy."

In a previous entry I talked about editing a new clip for Misstrezz to the song called “Hot.” After the shooting and editing was done, we noticed it needed more beach shots, since it was a summer song. By this time it was already August and although I would’ve liked to do a re-shoot at the Zandvoort (a beach town 15 minutes outside of Haarlem) conflicting schedules between Misstrezz, Rukshun and myself didn’t allow it. So it was decided not to release the clip (since summer was almost over) and to do another project fitting the season. Who knows maybe we’ll release it on the Misstrezz DVD as a bonus clip. She just released a new clip for the track “Loved Ones,” on the VR site, youtube, and other online locations which came out dope and worth checking out.

The Hip-Hop concerts haven’t stopped since my plane dropped. I recently saw a show at the Paradiso featuring Kool Moe D, Busy B, Grand wizard Theodore, K- Swift and a few others. It’s was a tribute to vintage hip-hop and although these cats were performing these songs back in 1982 they still gave it there all. Jedi Mind Tricks and Capone and Noriaga (CNN) both gave shows a few days ago (I was busy so didn’t attend) and the reviews went both ways. I heard the Jedi Mind Trick show was dope. They had a few guys from Army of the Pharaohs with them and they gave a show that was over an hour. The CNN scenario was the opposite. They came on stage late, only performed for about forty minutes to their own CD. It was almost the description I heard about the Fat Joe show verbatim, minus the taking off shoes part. It’s too bad about the show cuz I used to be a fan of CNN back in the day, the album “War Report,” was off the chain.

The new album is almost done, I’m adding a few more tracks so I can be selective and I’m waiting on one collabo. While waiting I’m going to shoot the video cuz in an image driven society, having a video slip is almost as important as a hit song. It’s the equivalent to pressing up 1000 T-shirts, posters and stickers and running a fully staffed marketing campaign for three months. Aside from touring doing live shows, a videoclip is the best way to get a new song exposed to a wide demographic in a short amount of time. Don’t get it twisted, if the song is wack with a dope clip it still may not sell… BUT it will give you exposure. I have a hit record, creative mind, HD camera, and great location, please believe you’re about to see the magic happen. I would rather show you than tell you so its time to get back to work.

Until next we speak, Be well

Tha One an Only

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