City Hopping

Greetings blog consuming connisures,

I'm on the move again at the end of the month and it feels great. First I'm off to Maimi to perform in the VIP room at Club Zno on May 28th. Then I fly to my hometown of Springfield, MA to visit my family who havent seen me in over 5 years. Then i'm off to New York city to attend the Kay Slay show Hosted by 721 Promotions. I'll probably be in NYC for 2 to 3 days hitting up the mixtape DJ's and radioshows before and after the show. From there I fly to Las Vegas, NV to see more family and connect with a long time friend, producer and entrepenuer Butterscotch Tate owner of Buttaphunk production and Sinstyle. Butta helped with the production of the Infuzion EP and produced the cult club classic "Smoking on a blunt sippin on a Heineken." That song was made for Europe cuz they love those fast house beats with my razorsharp rhyme style. I leave Vegas June 8th and fly back to Europe and continue with the promotion of the new singles and hopefully hook-up with a couple of long tours for the summer.

I'm going to the US with 10 new songs and two new videos so I'm trying to connect with everybody I can. Even with all the new music I still want to record another 10 songs before finishing the album. Amazingly enough all the adversity in my personal life has made for great musical inspiration. Last time we talked I had people tripping out left and right. Well that hasn't changed much cuz its summer and people tend to get a little crazier the hotter it gets. When girls show more flesh, guys brains become a mess. What's changed from before is how I let peoples behavior effect me and my ability to continue hunting success down like Ahab did Moby Dick.

SO if you're a hot producer, emcee or singer and want to connect while I'm on my state hopping, city jumping mini tour shoot me a email and we can schedule a meeting. Also if you're a DJ for radio or mixtapes and looking for drops or exclusive freestlyes hit me up as well, cuz I always got that vinum. Other than that be chill my people and next time you hear from me will be the report on how the US trip went.

Til Then Be Well

Tha One an Only

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