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What’s Poppin blog hungry cyber-surfers,

I’m busier than an airport during Spring Break so I’ll keep things brief.

I recently attended the New Skool Rules conference from April 9th – 11th in Maashaven, Rotterdam. It was promoted as the biggest Hip-Hop and R & B conference in the world and it lived up to the claim. There were numerous workshops, performances and peer panels that talked about the music business. I didn’t attend any workshops because I was there to network, so the majority of my time was spent talking to various industry professionals. The highlight of my visit was meeting the iconic MC Shan and picking his brain on how he stays relevant in the ever changing music landscape. He gave me a few pointers and even did a small drop which has been condensed into the Vinumous Chronicles: New Skool Rule edition.

In a past entry I talked about the “Grindin Muzik,” video clip and let me tell you the footage is DOPE! The problem is, half of it is in HD and the other half in DV format. The DV is no problem cuz I’ve shot all my prior vids in DV format. The HD is the f*ckin headache. When I shot the clip I didn’t know that you needed a special program “Cyberlink PowerDirector 7” at least 1GB of RAM and allot of memory to edit HD footage. So I have all the pieces and the motivation but not the technology to finish the clip. To put it bluntly…I need a new computer.

Never one to rest when I can hustle, I did a clip for my homie Gekke C featuring Rio (another Dutch rapper/producer) to keep the creative juices flowing. The clip is named “O Twee” which means O2 (as in oxygen) in English. The concept behind the clip was being lighter than air and watching people stand still while they were in motion. We shot all the footage in a few hours in various locations around Amsterdam and the end result is posted on myspace/poizonouspenproductions, youtube, hyves, and various other locations. If you’re a fan of Dutch hip-hop or just curious about my editing skills I recommend you go take a look.

The music has been moving at a slow and steady pace, I’m still chasing success like a Lion after a Gazelle. I recently did a track with NLZ called “Fearless” that is straight FIYA! He’s on the “Young and Hungry” track posted on my page, off the Sinister Ambitionz album. The beat was produced by my homie DJ Nemo the same cat who made the beat to “Grindin Muzik. I got a few more collabo’s in the works so the label thought it best to push the album release back until the end of June, so we could promote it right.

Speaking of promotion, the new issue of Underground Railroad magazine is released and on sale across the west coast and online so get your copy while they’re in stock. I have a full interview talking about music and life in Holland goto <a href="http://www.undergroundrailroadmagazine.com" target="_blank">www.undergroundrailroadmagazine.com</a> to take a peek. Also the editor from Exclusive magazine “Joe Rugby,” is coming back to Holland at the end of the month to show me the spread for issue #23. Joe was here a few months ago and did a video interview with me at Pitu studios while I was working on some new tracks. He’s a cool brotha from VA (Virginia for those unfamiliar with the abbreviation) who’s working on making his magazine a competitor for The Source and XXL. You can check out past issues at <a href="http://www.exclusivemag.net" target="_blank">www.exclusivemag.net</a>or just wait for issue #23 featuring me.

On a personal note, I’ve begun a new job to supplement my income, which I won’t elaborate on. What I can tell you is that it’s not illegal and it has me working like a sled dog in the Artic. Other than work and music I’ve been painting a little more and socializing a little less. Spring is here so the tourists are coming in droves and the natives are enjoying the weather. If you ever want to visit Holland this is the season. Summer only lasts for about two and a half months before it returns to rainy windy weather, which most locals spend indoors at bars, pubs and clubs. For these precious few months there’s an endless amount of outdoor activities to keep the active mind amused. I’m talking about everything from museums, basketball, soccer, miniature golf to sunbathing and horse-drawn carriage rides. It’s a great time to be here and I’m look forward to doing some indoor snowboarding and hitting the beach when I have breaks from work. That’s it for now folks, until next we speak be well.

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