Chasing a Dream


The hustle don't stop till my casket drops. I've been living by that phrase for many years but only now is it actually paying off. I have new music, new paintings, new videos and the summers not even here yet.

New Skool Rules is here. The biggest Hip-hop conference in Europe (if not the world) started yesterday in Rotterdam. The city was flooded with artists, rappers, producers, and anyone else chasing a dream. I find the environment good for networking and exposure for artists looking to expand their fan base or break into other markets like the UK and France. The conference was started by this hustling ass chick named Henca Maduro last year. I've known her for a few years back when she was a radio show host and she's always had a business mindset.

We would see each other at Midem and a few years ago she told me her plans on bringing the US and European Hip-Hop market to Holland. This year that plan has come to fruition and the conference is a success. The host for the event is former radio personality from the "Wake-up Show" and MTV host Sway Calloway. Aside from all the live performances that happen throughout the day there are classes on publishing, beat making and rapping. Also they have open panel discussions and speed date sessions with some of the "taste makers" in the industry. If you're interested in making music and live in Holland its worth checking out.

I've been working on the new album relentlessly and already have ten tracks done. I'm not rushing the project cuz I want it to be better than Grindin Muzik. I just posted a new track from the album on my page titled "Wanna sound like me." Its a grimey unmixed joint for the people who say there's no more lyricism in Hip-Hop. I'm also sending out a new track a month through the newsletter so if you want some raw flavor sign-up now. Aside from my own music I've begun working on a EP with NLZ called "The A" which stands for Amsterdam to Atlanta. We've been making music together since 2007 so it was only natural that we release a collabo project. We have different styles that compliment each other so I feel like the fans deserve it. You can hear NLZ on tracks "Fearless" and "Young and Hungry" from my previous albums.

In between making music I've been painting and video making to keep the creative juices flowing. I posted one of the new pieces on my website cuz myspace won't let me post it. They consider the painting offensive because of the subject matter, while I see it as creative expression. You can see what all the drama is about here

The videos I've been making are from the interviews and live show footage I've taped with artists over the years. I plan on compiling all the interviews (most are only a few minutes long) and some of the shows into my Dvd coming next year. Some of the people appearing in the Dvd are Method Man, Redman, DJ Kool, Mc Shan, Chuck D from Public Enemy, Derek Smalls from the Sugar Hill Gang, Nas, and others. To see the videos of shows from Method Man and Nas here in Amsterdam go to my YouTube page or click the link Vinumous Chronicles: Method Man.

That's life... for the moment. The weather is getting warmer and I've been playing basketball and other sports to keep fit. I can't wait for SUMMER! I leave you with this quote that motivates me to look at the positive in any bad situation. Life Lasts Longer with Love and Laughter.

Until Next We Speak, Be Well

Tha One an Only

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