Back from Bushland USA

Greetings and back the fuck up! That is how I'm feeling right now my blog reading patrons. If my liberal usage of street vernacular and curse words offends you, stop reading this fucking blog right now.

For the stout hearted who continued beyond this point lets get my grievance clarified. I went to Houston Texas for a week (from Feb. 6-12th) to tie up some legal business and the trip fucking sucked. Not just sucked in the general sense I'm talking about sucked on the gargantuan level that makes you want to stop traveling. I don't like to dwell too much on negativity so I'm going to keep this short and lay the whole ugly fucking ordeal out for you before I go to the kitchen make a sandwich then get some sleep.

I leave Schipol Airport in Holland and there's snow falling on the ground so you know I'm bundled up. When I arrive at Bush International Airport in Houston its so hot people are wearing shorts and tank tops. It was so hot in my winter gear, by the time I reached customs I was so sweaty it looked like I had showered in my clothes. Since I was coming from Amsterdam like everyone else from the plane I was wearing a big coat. I took off my coat, shoes, watch and everything else, walked through the detector and didn't set off any alarms or lights. I walked off and started to take my shoes and other items off the conveyor belt when I see two guards whispering to each other like school girls. I second later their asking can they search my person and when I get my luggage I need to take I to examination room B. Needless to say they opened my luggage and rolled it through the X-ray machine, then searched me only to find nothing.

Did these stupid muthafuckas actually think I would try and bring treez into the US? Better yet did they think I would try bringing treez into a place that produced GWB and still hangs niggaz? Hell NO! Needless to say they found nothing and ended up offering a generic apology on protocol and custom reports about attempted smuggling of weed into the US. We both knew it was a lie which is why instead of responding I just scratched my nose with my middle finger before walking out to get a cab.

From there things didn't get any better. Do to some error in communication my colleague booked me a hotel almost 30 minutes from where I had to be the next day. If you ever been to Houston you know its fucking HUGE, so if you don't got a car and aren't rich enough to take taxi's everywhere you better be staying close to where you need to be. So after some calls and rushed rearranging I end up in a halfway decent place only 15 minutes away from court. The next day was a catch 22 cuz I won my legal battle but didn't get compensation. In essence it was a waste of time and a fuck load of money, only for a fat man in a robe to say I was right and this dude owes me some money…but he's only going to make him pay 1/4th of what he owes. Reading that last statement you're probably rubbing your head in slight confusion. Well my courageous reader I was also like, what the fuck? So I asked the clerk if I could speak to the judge cuz he didn't explain why he awarded me such a small judgment. At first the judge was going to talk to me but then the clerk told him I seemed a little upset and he changed his mind. At that point I felt like the clerk was a little bitch and I wanted to slap the taste out his fucking mouth, BUT I restrained that impulse cuz I knew nothing positive would come from it, plus I didn't want to stay in Texas any longer than I needed to.

Once court was done I had nothing left to do but network. I called my homie Big Jamie this six foot eight guy who worked on my video shoot and does security for some of the local catz, only to find out he was out of the city on tour with Chamillionaire. I called a few of my other people but most of them were going through the day to day grind trying to make ends meet, so I ended up rolling solo for most of my trip. Here's the quick breakdown of my night life experiences, clubs, bars and any where that serves liquor closes at 2am in Houston. There are after party clubs but they can only serve fruit juices and energy drinks. I went to Club Hush, a huge multi-floor club playing only Hip Hop music. The crowd was rowdy and barely twenty-one, so allot of fights were happening in the parking lots. Chingo Bling a southern MC who also makes tamales performed that night. He gave a pretty dope show. Texas shows allot of love to their own artists especially in the Houston music scene. Next I went to club Rich's, an alternative lifestyle club that had some of the most stylishly dressed ladies in the city. The party didn't stop until six am when I left exhausted and hungry enough to eat a bear. 

Next to my hotel was this bar called Scoreboards a local watering hole where they have pool darts and cheap liquor. Every time I walked in the bar, I felt like norm when he walked into cheers, cuz after meeting me once everyone knew my name. I would play a few games of pool at Scoreboards then head out to a different spot each night. In downtown Houston they have a club district with five or six clubs in close proximity so if you don't like the music at one you can walk a few feet and try somewhere else. I went to the Toke Bar, Pink Monkey, and BlackLight. They were all okay but nothing spectacular to report. It was also Marte Gras weekend in Galveston the Texas Bay Area (Yes, Texas does have a bay area) so most of the crowd was on the beach watching college girls give their best rendition of Girls Gone Wild for plastic beads.

I met a few cool people while I was there I gotta give a shout out to my man Casper, Eva the waitress with the fluffy bags of blueberry and finally Bryan the night watchman. Most of the other people seemed like docile sheep following their leader to world war three. I know that seems like a severe subject change but its not. While I did meet some cool folks most of the other people complained about what the president is doing with the country and wanted Texas to be declared its own country, separate from the rest of the US. There was allot of debate on whether more surveillance was better for all Americans and the overall response was. "NO!" no one thinks its right to give up their civil liberties in exchange for false protection. Wire taps, phone taps, surveillance of you home, bank transactions, and credit reports all in the search for terrorist that have yet to be identified is unconstitutional. Anyone who listens to the new legislation being passed which justifies the corrosion and abolishment of everyone's constitutional rights would rebel after watching one hour of CNN…but no one is...cuz most don't watch the news…and even less care about exercising their voting rights…but they ALL complain.

When I was leaving I had to go through the same airport I flew in on and as if it was scripted I had this woman in front me who spent almost an hour complaining about changing her ticket. She took so long that I had to apologize and tell the attendant that my flight was leaving in 45 minutes and I needed to get to the gate. The racist bitch told me that I should've said something earlier and that now she couldn't help me cuz I had to be there 1 hour before an international flight. I was like are you kidding me? I've been standing in front of you for almost an hour and you've been looking at me the whole time you've been assisting that woman. She was really going to be a bitch cuz she said she couldn't help me again and attempted to close the counter, which would've forced me to go to the end of the next line and miss my flight home. By some twisted stroke of luck or fate finally cutting me a break, the woman whose name was ironically Olga, fit the short, fat, troll-like appearance her name mentally conjured. Her supervisor was standing close enough he heard what was occurring and pulled her aside and said a few words to her. A moment later she assisted me with my ticket and checked my bag in on standby, with her supervisor watching he every move. I caught one more break cuz my bag made it just in time to catch my plane directly to Holland. I was never happier to board a plane than I was that Sunday morning. I got allot of love for my peeps in Texas but I wont be going back there for awhile.

While all this was going on I managed to get the new album pressed up, and expand the company distribution through all of Asia. The new album is lyrically and sonically Dope! I improved on all aspects of my artistry, everything from songwriting, production, style of delivery, plus hot collaborations. I really display growth with this project so I just hope all you'll ear it in the music. We're about to have a Album release party on March second so if you're from Amsterdam or going to be in Holland on that day come through have a beer, smoke some treez, relax and bounce to some good music. The way I see it is, if this is the end of days and end of mankind, we mine as well celebrate cuz its the last time. It's 4:38am and I need food.

Til Next Time, Be Safe

Tha One an Only

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