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Hola mi amigos Y amigas, I've been back from Berlin for a couple of weeks hustling like I stole something. My new single "Welkom 2 Amsterdam" gets pressed next week and I can't wait to get it to the masses. For all my true fans I post the remix (clean version) on MySpace next Monday.

Now let me break down my Berlin experience to you cuz it was worth a visit, but not somewhere I will return to for business. Berlin the city was dope! It's very big, but easy to navigate if you're comfortable on metros and buses. Most of the people speak some if not perfect English and if you're lost most can give proper directions to get you where you need to be.

I spent most of my time focused on the Popkomm which turned out to be a waste of travel time and money. It's "pop" music oriented so most of the exhibitors there were focused more on dance and happy music. I don't do dance and I NEVER make happy music. I'm just not in that place right now. The people outside of the Popkomm were more business worthy than those at the conference. There's a new up and coming German MC called Megaloh who is really making moves doing his thing. His whole team was cool and down to earth hustlers that I definitely plan to build with.

The club scene was poppin as well. I hit up a dance spot called Icon and danced to some house and drum n' bass music till 6am the next morning. The next night I hit up this Hip-Hop spot called H2O that had dope music but the crowd was too young. The DJ's were mixing Hip-Hop and Reggae jams till sunrise and everybody (girls and guys) were 18 or younger. I saw girls as young as 15 in the spot and a few of them had drinks. (Real Talk). Once H2O closed allot of people were going to another after hour spot that went till 12noon. I couldn't go cause I had to be back at the Popkomm by 9am the next morning. The last club I hit was called Delicious Donuts and although the name is funny the club was dead serious. People danced like they were on extacy from 11pm to 5am and left sweaty and exhausted. I loved the energy and the atmosphere was so relaxed I even had a few drinks.

Warning to tourists who don't drink allot but like mixed drinks like "Mohito's, Long Island Ice Teas, or Alabama Slamma's". Germans use ALLOT of liquor in their drinks. I'm not talking a shot I'm talking about half the drink being pure alcohol. I had one long island Ice Tea and was fucked up. I spent the next hour sitting in a chair waiting for my buzz to chill. Now to some of you that would make me seem like a light weight, but if you go there you will understand. Even career alcoholics would have a problem drinking more than one of those Ice Teas without feeling hammered. The night life was a diverse mix of people from all over Europe. I met people from Austria, Finland, Poland, Sweden and a few from the UK. I only saw two Americans and they were guests in my hotel. I knew they were Americans cuz they were drunker and MUCH louder than everyone else in the room.

I was busy most of the daytime so I didn't get to see many tourist attractions. If I ever make it back to Berlin I'll actually take time to see the city during the day. I saw allot of nice spots that I would like to visit but it was always from the Metro while heading to and from the Popkomm. Over all Berlin was interesting but their nightlife (from my limited experience) has nothing on Amsterdam. I'm glad to be back and ready to finish this year with another hit. The Midem is in January and I'm looking forward to doing double the business that I did last year. Gotta get back to work.

So til next time, Peace

Tha One an Only

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