I want to give a big shout out to all the fans! For making New York Spit #1 on the StarFleet Music Pool Top-50 Indie Urban/Hip Hop/Latin Charts     

and #2 on the Top-50 Urban/Hip Hop Charts in November.

The single stayed on the charts for twelve weeks...I appreciate the love. It was a success thanks to all of you. Big things are on the way. The merch is HERE! Get your Tyger Vinum T-shirts in all sizes from the website. The shirts are available in colors Silver and Gold, because everyone who wears one is royalty.

The album is done and being mixed and mastered as I write this post. Once it's turned in, it takes one month for it to be available on all digital platforms. So expect the release to be at the end of February. I'll post the exact date in another post.

For now check out the shirts...while listening to some tunes. Next month we have fitted and snapback caps in four colors available, so check back soon.


Tha One an Only



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