A, B, in C (About Business in Cannes)

Greetings my music craving, video watching, blog reading, hip hop hooligans! I just got back from a week in Cannes, France attending the annual Midem and 2007 is starting off as a positive year.

I met more people (business contacts) this Midem than I met the entire last year. The first two days I was in Cannes it rained like the end of days, but by the third day it was back to sunshine and airbrushed skylines. Any of you who read about my last Midem experience know what I'm talking about and if you don't know about the weather in Cannes you need to visit. Cannes is the French Riviera and it is gorgeous! Clear blue waters, clean beaches that stretch further than the eyes can see, stone caves, subterranean beach enclaves, warm weather, good food, and more fashion than you can imagine. Damn, I love that town.

Business went really well, I met and chilled most of the trip with JDL and Big J from All Access. JDL is short for James De La Raza one of the original chief editors of Source magazine. This is a real street cat from the days of Benzino and Mays who helped build the source to the global phenomenon it is today. He's also a reformed Latin King and one of the main influences in bringing the Reggeaton movement to the US. He's also instrumental in getting Daddy Yankee his cover of the Source and other success. JDL is a real humble dude, who deservers allot more credit that people give him for…but that's a whole different conversation. If you want to read more on the whole De La Raza aka "El Contender" verses Daddy Yankee go to his webpage <a href="http://www.myspace.com/delaraza" target="_blank">www.myspace.com/delaraza</a> an hear what's really poppin.

Anyhow, JDL was with this cat Larry aka Big J who looks like he stepped right out a scene from the 50's. He's this 60 year old hippie who looks 40 that loves Reggeaton music and supports JDL. His dad was part of the ultra exclusive Friar's' Club (the club that Sammy Davis Jr, Frank Sinatra, James Dean, Johnny Carson, etcetera were a part of) so he was a honorary Friar. Understand, he was born into millions and because he's been around successful businesses his whole life he's made allot more millions. No joke, this is one rich dude. The only thing is Big J has all that cheddar and no sense of style. He would wear these hideous boat-shoes mixed with male clogs called "crocs." I swear by all that lives and breathes that these have to be one of the ugliest pairs of foot apparel in creation. I don't know what twisted drug induced hallucinogenic state of desperation caused Big J to try on these shoes, but for whatever reason he tried them on and never took ém off. Big j says they're the most comfortable shoe he's ever worn. I tell ém I'll take his word for it cuz I would never be caught dead wearing those shoes. Plus any guy in NYC seen wearing them runs the risk of being arrested by the fashion police.

Most of the Midem we were inseparable. JDL and I would ditch Big J every once in awhile cuz his clothes were out of control, but other than that we were the click. There were all types of celebrities and celebrity wannabes running around Cannes during Midem week. I met Won G the Haitian prince, Hood Surgeon (Dr. Dre's son), Christina Aguilera during the NRJ awards, George Clinton from Parliament Funkadelic and a whole lot more. It was dope meeting George Clinton aka Doctor Funkenstien the most sampled man in Hip Hop. The man has to be pushing 80 and is still making music. He's a real living legend and I have nothing but respect for him and his legacy.

The Hood Surgeon was cool people too. Actually the whole Nu West staff was cool peeps and I really connected with Erick (the inventor) Hall. This dude isn't just a inventor; he deals in real estate, music, hospitality services and a whole lot of other things. Similar to Big J, he is another millionaire, except Eric is a self made millionaire. Eric is where I see myself being in 5 years. Hood Surgeon and I vibed a little on the rumors, why he didn't come in the game under his dad's wing, and why some people hate cuz of envy. What he said made sense and from our conversations about the biz I could tell his mind is focused right. He put out a mixtape with DJ Warrior that's burning up the west coast so it won't be long before homie breaks through to mainstream.

There were allot of catz from Canada this year. This one label Urban Heat coming out of Montreal, was interesting. The owner is the guy who calls himself the "Mexican Jew," and the entire time we were at Midem I never heard one track. They were supposed to be there for business and maybe they were. The thing is for the whole Midem their talking about getting a distribution deal, but I only seen them party. These other catz called Slap Jack from Lithuania had production that was off the meat rack. I've never been to their country but if they send me the ticket and pay for my hotel I'm there.

I cut a track with this local click called Planet Des Zink from Nice West while I was there. These two catz Kaine and Gek coming out of Nice West which is the hood, had some Cannabis Vodka and swisher sweet blunts. We met at a party for the Midem cuz people kept asking me if I had weed (I was coming from Amsterdam) since I looked like I smoke. My man Gek had the weed, so we got together and started talking shop. We finished the blunt and the next day I was up in Millionaire studios cutting a track. Gek and Kaine are the lyricist and Dope is the producer. Their music is similar to Snoop crossed with MOP with a dash of Naughty by nature to make it rowdy. We cut a dope party track talking about seeing hot girls at club Martinez that night. The song is a perfect mesh of French and English rhymes alternating over a west coast bass line and if you want to hear the track… and you know you WANT TO, go to <a href="http://www.myspace.com/millionnaire1" target="_blank">www.myspace.com/millionnaire1</a> an listen to the track titled ineditparty tonight.

Other than the endless parties, free drinks and copious amounts of illicit pharmaceuticals, the view alone is worth visiting Cannes. The nightlife gets bumping around 11pm every night except Monday. The choice of music is primarily House, Dance, and top 40. If you're looking for a real Hip hop party (not hosted by Midem) you need to go towards Nice or Monaco. I was kicking it at this one club the "Why not 4 U" allot cuz the owner Patrick is cool people and his DJ this cat named Florent would play my music in the club. They gave me allot of love and allot of alcohol so of course they get an honorable mention. I plan to go back this summer cuz there's Hip Hop festivals in the summer and Gek is finding me a cheap spot to stay. It doesn't cost much to get there it's the hotel costs that kill your wallet, so we're going to make it cheap but efficient.

The album is done and ready to hit the streets so all my energy is focused on completing last minute details. I fly back to Houston, TX on the 7th of February to handle some other business so I'll definitely be connecting with some of the local catz like "Golden Boy &amp; Ivy" while I'm there. I'll be in the south for a week then its back to Europe to tour for the album. It's been a crazy few weeks and since it's only January I got 11 months left to share experiences that will BLOW YOUR MIND. I hope your helmets strapped on and you're buckled in tight, cuz it's about to be one bumpy ride.

Til Next Time, Be Well

Tha One an Only

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